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We’re building a platform that helps you measure the performance of your websites, and keep track of the important things that are easily forgotten about.

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Google has made website performance more important than ever before

Metritool will help you find out how well your website is performing and give you recommendations to fix any issues.

An update called the Google Page Experience was introduced in May 2021. Join the Metritool beta to check your website’s performance and learn how to improve your site today.

An extra 0.5 seconds in page load time can drop traffic by 20%

Every additional 100ms of latency could cost you 1% in sales.

Without knowing what’s happening on your site and where the issues are, you could be losing sales every single day.

Bad website performance = Loss of sales

One tool to help you monitor the important stuff automatically

Metritool regularly scans your website and checks for common issues that are tedious to track

We’ll let you know if there are any issues with important things like your redirect rules. You can also receive alerts when your domain name is about to expire, or your SSL certificate needs renewing. We’re always looking to add new checks to help webmasters.

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Packed with features to help your website

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With your help, we will build the best tool on the market. We are adding more tools along the way to help your website run faster, be more UX friendly and in turn rank higher!

    Performance Audits

    • Measure website performance
    • Improve your user experience
    • Powered by Lighthouse
    Coming soon

    Uptime Monitoring

    • Instant alerts
    • Multiple test locations
    • Root cause analysis

    Automated Checks

    • Fix common mistakes
    • Monitor changes
    • Security alerts

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